Birch Bay Get Away

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Our Mission

We offer a sanctuary located a stone's throw from the living waters of the Pacific, we ask you to enjoy the serenity and tranquility and offer a place to your inner peace while joining harmony and nature.

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Birch Bay

In all seasons, Birch Bay Get Away provides you with tranquility and connection! Contemplation and repose will come to you as naturally as the beautiful sunsets, For any vacation, holiday, romantic getaway or business travel, or for any reason, choose the "Birch Bay Get Away"... you'll be glad you did!

Birch Bay Get Away

We are conveniently located 4 Miles West of the 1-5 Corridor, 1.5 hrs North of Seattle ,WA , 45. min South of Vancouver Canada and just 20 minutes from Bellingham International Airport (BLI). Birch Bay can be accessed from the The Canadian Gulf Islands of British Columbia via the Tsawwassen Ferry or in the U.S. Via the San Juan Islands from Anacortes Ferry . Amtrack services Bellingham and White Rock, Canada . The Alaska Marine Hiway System has a terminal in the Port of Bellingham & Via Canada Rail has a station in Vancouver that receives passengers from most of the Canadian Provinces. All these corridors make Birch Bay a strategic destination location for international travelers and travelers abroad as well. We also have a strong local following that enjoy our resort year around, and we are a family owned business

What makes Birch Bay a very special destination Getaway? The answer is really very simple, people keep coming back! Birch Bay is made of memories and over the years they just keep getting better and the love for Birch Bay just gets stronger! It is not unusual to have a Five Generation family reunion here at the Getaway, one generation will bring their kids and their kids bring their kids- time & time again we hear stories about this.

Birch Bay has a rich history that goes back thousands of years, and in fact Captain George Vancouver landed in the Discovery in his Expedition in 1792 on Cottonwood Beach with his Muster that included Peter Puget (Sound), Joseph Whidbey ( Island) & Joseph Baker (Mt). Factual legend has it that Captain Vancouver stopped in Birch Bay during 1792 Expedition and the Admiralty used the Black Birch Trees and to brew beer, a common staple on the long voyage- they named Birch Bay after the same tree.

Just a few things to do in Birch Bay

PHONE: 360-371-3730
8124 Birch Bay Dr, Birch Bay Wash

*We're going completely green!

  • Birch watching/ Annual Birding festival
  • Waterslides
  • Music Festivals
  • Crabbing / Clamming/ Fishing and more
  • Windsurfing / Kite Surfing
  • Jetsking / Wakeboarding / Sailing
  • Sand Castle Contest
  • Wine Tasting/Wineries/ Breweries
  • Camping
  • Music Festivals
  • Whale Watching
  • Dining/ Seafood markets/ Farmer markets
  • Biking / Kayaking / Walking
  • Parks/ Semiahmoo
  • Hiking, Marathons, Mt Baker
  • Go Carts / Miniature Golf/ Family Fun
  • Polar Bear Plunge
  • 4th of July
  • Relocation
  • Discovery Days
  • And so much more come check us out.
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